Things I’ve Learned

I am making the Burda 7880 bodice for an 1880s dress. While making this outfit, I’m also losing weight. I’ve dropped more than 8 inches since I started losing on April 1. I’ve been through 5 corsets since starting, and I’m about to start work on #6 which will be a size 14. The first was a size 24 in the Laughing Moon #100 Dore corset. So I have put off the bodice until the last.

Two days ago, I finally cut my muslin and basted it together for a fitting. It fit perfectly if not a little loosely (top). So I stitched it up on my machine watching my seam allowances and tried it on over my corset. The result is on the bottom. I cannot pin it together. IT’S SHRUNK! 🤦‍♀️😂🤣🤷‍♀️

I have to laugh.

So it looks like I have to make that 6th corset before I can take another step with this bodice. The measurements are right, but the corset being too large is absolutely messing with the fit. And yes, I know it’s too large because it has no gap in the back when tightly laced, and it spins around my torso.

So my takeaway from making this costume while losing weight —
– Don’t flat-fell seams. Finish them in such a way as will accommodate ripping out seams and altering fit later.
– Do make for the size you are at that moment, not the size you hope to be. All the remakes as you trim down will be good practice and your skills will improve with each generation.
– Buy fabric by the bolt, mostly muslin for fitting mockups and lining the final garment.
– Don’t hesitate to scavenge material and notions from your earlier versions, but take lots of pictures first to mark your progress.
– Remember, skirt waistbands are easier to take in by simply adding another bar and hook, buttonhole, or ties.
– Save the bodice for last and make sure your corset is current with your measurements.
– Keep a sense of humor, because by the time you go from measurement to fitting, you will likely have to start all over again.

I’d be finished by now if I didn’t have to keep remaking everything!!

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