Emergency! I Need A Last-Minute 1898 Walking Skirt!!

Ladies and gentlefolk, I would like to present the results of the Emergency Truly Victorian TV291 1898 Walking Skirt ensemble in their Savannah, Georgia historybounding setting.

Forsyth Park Fountain

As you may have seen or heard on social media, I surprised my daughter with a weekend getaway to Savannah, Georgia, for just the two of us. My daughter asked to make it a historybounding weekend. With only two weeks to plan, fit, and sew, I have been living up to the name Manic Seamstress.

My daughter chose the TV428 Fitted Bodice (Natural Form Era) to go with it. I thought it a brilliant choice because in a late 1890s setting, my persona’s youngest daughter (of 6 children) might very well have raided the trunks of old clothes in the attic and absconded with a piece I’d worn in my youth. (She does that with my 1990s clothes, too!!!)

Bonaventure Cemetery

Underneath, she is wearing a TV201 1870s underskirt muslin I’d made for myself, and remade for her as a quick petticoat. Because of the cold coming off the Savannah River, she is also wearing TV102 chemise and drawers in heavy cotton flannel.

I know the skirt is far too long for a girl her age, but she wanted full walking length. Plus, it’s historybounding, not reenactment. I figure there is fudge room. I’ve also added a short video of her walking away so you can see the skirt in motion at Forsyth Park.

In the night time pictures, she is wearing an Aran sweater because it was cold, and my hubby portrays a US Navy Commander, so our family story is built around a nautical theme. My jackets are not finished, (nor is his uniform,) so I stole my husband’s sweaters for the trip.

Harbour Light
Factor’s Walk

On the way there, we stopped in Homerville at the train depot, built in 1850. We were given permission to wander around and snap a few photos.

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